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We can construct a space to fit your specific needs.

Progressive Management Investments, Inc. (PMI) was started in 1979 to address the lack of professional property management for the small investor. The company strongly believes that every property owner has the right to quality property management that always puts the interest of the property ahead of their own. PMI operates all of the properties that it manages as if they owned them. This is a very important aspect of the property management that is often overlooked.

We have renovated residential properties ranging from single family housing to eighty unit apartment complexes. The renovations have included everything from painting, decoration, and wood floor refinishing to roof and electrical system replacements.

The clientele of PMI have gradually changed from primarily residential to multi-tenant commercial properties, with an emphasis on the small office tenant. We have developed a reputation of being able to work with the small tenants need for good working space, which is also very presentable to their clients.

We currently manage over 700,000 square feet of office, warehouse, and light industrial properties in addition to one residential property. We oversee a staff of 3 full-time employees and have a very strong relationship with various mechanical, electrical, roofing, and painting contractors. The home telephone numbers of the head of each contractor company is available to PMI in the event emergency service is needed at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

PMI is a family-owned business that does not leave work at the office. We live it twenty-four hours of every day, always available to handle any problem.

  • Griggs Midway Bldg - located at 1821 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN
  • Midway Commercial Bldg - located at 2500 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN
  • 2637 Lyndale - located at 2637 Lyndale Avenue South, Mpls, MN

For information on any of our buildings please email PMI ( or call us at 651-647-9880. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

 PMI is looking for commercial buildings to manage or possibly purchase. If you are looking for a company who will treat you like family, give us a call!